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Child – Safety Policy and
Code of Conduct:


Commitment to child safety:

JET AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION is committed to safety and welfare
of children and young people.  We want the children and young people
who come to our programs and activities to feel safe and to have fun while


A child’s right to Safety and Participation:

Our volunteer teachers encourage children to participate freely,
express their views and make practices on children/their parents.


Recruitment of our

All our volunteers provide a Declaration and complete details to
screen for police check, working with children check clearance. All our
volunteers undergo a working with children check training prior to
starting their work as teachers.


WWCC Clearance

All Prajna Volunteer Teachers are required to Keep their Working
with Children Check Current and Valid.

A Working with Children Check is a requirement for people who work
or volunteer in child-related work.

It involves a national criminal history check and a review of
findings of workplace mis-conduct. It is the responsibility of the SRE
teacher to apply and obtain WWWC.


Class Room Management:

Our volunteers are provided training opportunities to understand
the various possibilities of abuse like physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual
abuse and neglect, and responding to any reports.

For our weekend children programs, we have the volunteers aware of
the helpline to seek for any reports.

For the school programs, the volunteers are trained to report any
incident to the school authorities without any delay.

All our teachers gets trained online either by visiting Scholars or online 

Recognised Trainers for Prajna – Sarada Mataji (USA), SanthaRam ji (India)

Sarada Mataji (from USA) – – Sarada Matha ji Co founder and one of the Chief architects of 

Prajna Program provides online training on following aspects to Prajna Teachers:


(1)  Prajna Foundation Program – ‘Confidence in the Classroom’

(2)  Prajna Teacher Training – Module I and Module II

(3)  Instructional Strategies  – ‘Engaging Students with Prajna’

Code of Conduct

All our volunteers will

1. Be fair, considerate and honest with others.

2. Treat children and young people with respect, listen to and
value their ideas and opinions, and protect their wellbeing.

3. Remember to act as positive role models in their conduct with children
and young people.

4. Operate within the policies and guidelines of JET AUSTRALIA
FOUNDATION, its programs and activities.

5. Be professional in their actions through their use of language,
presentation, manner and punctuality.

6. Resolve conflicts fairly and promptly, and report on any
breaches of these standards of behaviour to the Chapter’s Prajna
co-ordinator and or with Chapter Lead.

7. Maintain strict impartiality.

8. Comply with specific organisational guidelines on physical
contact with children.

9. Respect the privacy of children, their families and
teachers/carers, and only disclose information to people
who have a need to know.

10. Maintain a child safe environment for children and young


Volunteers will not:

1. Engage in behaviour that is intended to shame, humiliate,
oppress, belittle or degrade children or young

2. Discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, culture,
belief, vulnerability or sexuality.

3. Engage in any activity with a child or young person that is
likely to physically or emotionally harm them.

4. Initiate unnecessary physical contact with a child or young
person, or do things of a personal nature for
them that they can do for themselves.

5. Be alone with a child or young person for more than a very
short time.

6. Develop a ‘special’ relationship with a specific child or young
person for our own needs.

7. Show favouritism through the provision of gifts or
inappropriate attention.

8. Arrange contact with children or young people outside of the
organisation’s programs and activities.

9. Photograph or video a child or young person without the consent
of the child and his/her parents or

10. Work with children or young people while under the influence
of alcohol or illegal drugs.


Teacher volunteers form:


 I, ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… (print name),
have read the Child
Safety Policy, and Code of Conduct for Working with Children and Young
People at the JET AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION. I understand my responsibilities
and will work within this Policy and Code of Conduct.



Signature of
volunteer/member: …………………………………………… Date: …………………………………



PRAJNA Syllabus for Module I & II




In this course, the students will learn about:
Enriching all activities of the day Important festivals in the year


Interest to learn Vedic science and culture

Course Objectives

Learn how to pronounce Sanskrit vowels and consonant sounds
Learn to chant important slokas – slokas for showing gratitude to Nature and God, removing hindrances, excelling in studies, improving memory skills,
improving health etc.
Understand the importance of Festivals – Level 1
Discover the traditions and culture of Vedic Lineage – Level 1
An Introduction to Devotees – Level 1
Learn about sages and their contributions to the mankind – Level 1
Learn bhajans
Learn how to meditate
Learn to serve our community
Participate in Community Service programs






this course, the students will learn:

Importance of Mother & Father
Meaningful prayers for achieving goals
Few aspects of Yoga and service



Complete Module 1

Course Objectives

Learn Sanskrit phonetics
Learn to chant Sri Krishna Astakam,
Hari Astakam, Pancha:yudha Stho:thram

Discover the traditions and culture of Vedic Lineage –
Level 2

An Introduction to Devotees; Stories – Level 2
Learn about sages and their contributions to the mankind – Level 2

Learn Bhajans; Practice Meditation

Ma:thru Bhakthi Pithru Bhakthi

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