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"Serve all beings as service to god.

Worship your own, respect all!"

In this module, students will learn:

An introduction to rushis – vedic scientists
ABCs of bliss – Bhagavad Githa Chapter 2

Complete Module 4

Course Objectives:
Learn 1st Chapter of Gi:ta
Learn why Sri Krishna taught Srimad Bhagawad Geetha
They will understand how to approach elders when in dilemma
They will understand how the guidance of elders leads us to victory
Learn the significance of first chapter’s name.
Learn about the benefit of chanting or listening to the first chapter
Stories- Learn stories about great sages and their contributions to the world.
Avata:ra:s – Learn stories about various incarnations of God. The secret behind those astonishing forms and purpose of those incarnations.
Learn stories about worshipping parents and understand that parents are other form of God.
Introduction to Temples of India
Participate in Community Service programs

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