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Guru Pournami 2012 – celebrations – Melbourne chapter

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Jai Srimannarayana ! Priya Bhagavad Bhandu 

With devine blessings and mangalasasanams of HH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar swamiji JET Australia Foundation – Melbourne chapter is inviting you and your family to celebrate Guru Pournami (Teacher’s Day) with our local vedic community .

About Guru Pournami

When is Guru Pournami celebrated
Pournima (Full Moon) of Ashad Month is called as Vyas Pournima or more commonly as Guru Pournima. This is the day when everyone worships his/her Guru and in a way thanks and thanks them for shedding the light of knowledge. According to ancient Hindu scriptures Guru is the teacher or guide who takes you from the darkness to light of the truth.
Who is Vyasa Maharshi
Vyas Pournima was the day when Maharshi Vyas was born. Maharshi Vyas is revered for his contributions to Hindu dharma. He not only authored Mahabharata but also compiled the four Vedas and wrote various Purnanas. Owing to such great contributions to the Hinduism Maharishi Vyas is considered as the first Guru who gave such profound and sacred truths to mankind.

Why do we pay our respects to our teacher
In ancient time’s pupils didn’t used to pay any fee for education. So on Guru Purnima all pupils worshipped their Guru and offered them gifts as per their capacity. This Guru Purnima puja was not limited to the Guru only but father, mother, brother and all the elders in the family who teach the way of life were also honored.

Please mark your calenders and forward this email to all your friends and families to attend such a noble celebration. here is invitation .

Please forward this email to your friends and family friends

For all your enquiries please contact :

Rajgopal Chari 0419 328 504 | Ramasri Mudumba 0433 159 037 | Srinath 0403 424 134 | Rambabu S 0425 703 673

General Information
if you want to volunteer in any way please do contact above mobiles and indicate to us.

When : 08-07-2012 – Sunday
Time : 9.00am – 12.00 pm
Where : South Melbourne Community Centre
Corner Park Street and Ferrars Place, South Melbourne

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