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Shanthi Sahasram – FAQ
As per the astrologers’ predictions for the Sri Manmatha nama year, the results of planetary positions show some unrest in the society.
To reduce the ill effects Sri Yagam – Sarva:rishta Sa:nthi Nakshathra Graha Anuku:latha: Siddhiprada Sri:ya:gam along with Nakshathra Santhi was conducted under the direct supervision of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at Vijayawada and in Hyderabad in recent months.
SriYagam – Vijayawada 2014

SriYagam – Hyderabad 2015

With the blessings and guidance from HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, for the benefit of all , JET Australia Foundation, Perth Chapter planned a divine colossal chanting event called Sarva:rishta Sa:nthi Nakshathra Graha Anuku:latha: Siddhiprada, aho ratra, astotthara shatavara, akhanda, virat sri vishnu sahasranama parayanam’ known as ‘Shanti Sahasram’.

1. What is this “Shanti Sahasram”event?
Chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotram for 108 times representing each Nakshatra, to pacify the effects of any unknown planetary dispositions, is Shanti Sahasram.
2. How Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram and Nakshatras are related?

As per our Vedic tradition, every person born will have a specific birth star (‘Janma Nakshatra)’, no matter whether he/she knows it or not. Each ‘nakshatra’ is controlled by a devata, adhi devata and pratyadhi devata. Showing our gratitude to those devatas in a proper Vedic procedure with faith and devotion brings us good results. There are 27 stars (Nakshatras). Each nakshatra will have four ‘padas’ (quarters). These nakshatras of 27 x 4 = 108 padas are divided into 12 Rashis (Zodiac signs). Based on these zodiac signs, the results of planetary positions will be determined. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram is a powerful mantra, given to the world by Sri Bhishmacharya, after the Mahabharata war. This is a divine garland of 1000 names of almighty having 108 slokas representing each quarter of every nakshatra. The phala shruti of this stotram reveals that, whoever chants this Sahasranama with faith and devotion, will get rid of all the difficulties caused through graha and nakshatra doshas. Praising the almighty through Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and honouring each nakshatra through Vedic mantras is one of ‘Shanti Sahasram’ the procedures given to us by our acharyas. This Vedic procedure not only makes to get rid of any unwanted affiliations of planets and stars, but also makes our life filled with joy, peace and prosperity. Let us create a positive energy in our surroundings through this mega chanting event.
3. When and where, this event is planned?

This year as per Lunar calendar, an extra month is going to come which is called ‘Adhika masam’ during June/July 2015. This adhika masam, this year came with ‘Ashadha’ month, named as ‘Adhika Ashadha’ also known as ‘Purushotthama’ masam. Prayers done to get rid of planetary afflictions or any graha shanti during this ‘adhika masam’ month gives multiple benefits. It is planned to utilize this period for this mega parayanam starting on 11th July 2015 (Saturday) at 04.00am and concluding on 12th July 2015 (Sunday) at 12.00noon.

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Perth Hindu temple, Canning Vale.
4. How much time does it will take to make 108 times of parayanam?

For each cycle of 4 times including Vedic Prayers for each Nakshatra, it will take One hour. So, in total, it will take 27 hours to complete 108 times Parayanam for all nakshatras. Please see the time table sheet at the end of this document.
5. How does this ‘Shanti Sahasram’ will be performed?

For each nakshatra, the names of the registered devotees for the corresponding nakshatra will be announced in Sankalpam. The corresponding nakshatra with its devata, adhi devata and pratyadhi devata will be honoured in Kalasa through Vedic mantras. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam will be performed four times representing each quarter of the nakshatra.
6. I will chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam daily at home?

Is this not enough for me? Do I need to register for this event? That’s fantastic! It’s a great blessing to do parayanam daily. This event is planned based on the benefits yielding through each nakshatra coupled with Sri Vishnu Saharasranamam to clear off any adverse planetary effects. Participating in this ‘Shanti Sahasram’ mega event not only benefits the individuals prosperity, but also benefits to the society and in turn to the progress of the country. Hence, it is suggested to be a registered participant in this rare event and enjoy the divine moments. As it is known that any prayers done collectively will yield better results than doing alone.
7. How can I participate?

Register your name with your nakshatra by paying $16.00 by clicking on the registration link on this page.
You are cordially welcomed to participate in the event and chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram as many times as you can at the venue. If you are available during your nakshatra time, specific mantras of your nakshatra will also be made chanted by you too.

If you are not in Perth the event will be streamed live so that you can participate from anywhere and chant along with us.
8. What If I can’t turn up at the specific time?

No worries! If you register and can’t make to attend, we will chant the sankalpa including your name and continue the parayanam. You can join at your convenient time to enjoy the divine vibrations.
9. Is there any age limit to register the names?

No, not at all! This program is planned for the benefit of ‘ALL’. You can register with all your family member names along with your near and dear. Everyone needs the blessings to carry out their duties perfectly.
10. What if I don’t know the ‘Nakshatra’ (Star) of my birth?

No worries! Please ring us on 0470136320 or write to with your Birth date, Birth Place & Birth Time and we will get back to you with the exact birth nakshatra.
11. Sorry! What if I don’t know the exact birth date also?

Even don’t worry! Based on your name, your birth star will be assessed. Please do write to or call on 0470136320 and give your name. Your nakshatra will be given to you. This is called ‘Naama nakshatra’, the star based on the name. You can utilize that for participating in this event. ‘Shanti Sahasram’
12. I want to volunteer for this event? Whom shall I contact?
You are welcome to volunteer as we have range of tasks to do during this event.
13. What are the timings for this Program?

NakshatraChantingTiming 2015

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