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Welcome to Perth Chapter Activities and Events

Guru Purnima Celebrations 2nd August 2015
 GuruPurnima 2015


SriRamaNavami – 28th March 2015

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2014 Activities

BhagavadGita Parayana – 2014

For the 4th year in a row JET Perth Chapter successfully organised Viraat Gita Parayana under the able guidance of Sriman Sridharacharya. About 50 Bhagavad bandhus from Perth participated in the parayana and completed chantings of 700 slokas in 3 hours. Devotees enjoyed sumptious prasadam after the parayana.

Samoohika MahaLakshmi Pooja – 2014


Sri Hayagri:va Pooja – 2014

SriLakshmi Hayagri:va Pooja:

Perth Chapter celebrated Lord Hayagri:va’s birthday on 10th August with about 97 very enthusiastic and young children.
Children  participated in the pooja  with dedication and devotion which was ably conducted by our Sriman Sridharacharya.
JET Perth’s young volunteers helped us to plan, organize, and conduct the pooja in a very disciplined way and on time.
The divine moments were captured and shared in the link


GuruPurnima -2014

GuruPurnima Celebrations 2014

With Acharya’s blessings GuruPurnima was celebrated on 12th July at Mandala Hall in Bateman.
As part of the program we have
    1. GuruPurnima and significance – power point presentation
    1. Dasavataram,
    1. Skit on Daily sloka chantings,
    1. A movie on Panchyudha stotram,
  1. Report on Environmental protection – visit to Regional Resource recovery Centre
Followed by JET Perth honouring Sri NagaNarayan ji.
 The moments captured are in the below link.

Past activities – 2011

Sri Srinivasa Kalyana Mahostvam

on November 5 2011 Perth chapter organised srI Srinivasa Kalyana Mahostvam. Marriage event was celebrated more than 200 devotees with utmost devotion. … more details

Gi:ta Jayanthi
Gi:ta Jayanthi was celebrated with bhagavad bandhus chanting bhagavad gita slokas from 18 chapters with utmost commitment and dedication. … more details

Contact JET Perth Coordinators

Prasanth Nallan – 0411770256 or email or
Sreedhar NallanChakravartula – 0470136320 or

PRAJNA Teachers

Smt. Durga Bhamidipati – 0429925819

Smt. VijayaLakshmi – 0423100822

Smt. Mythili Ambati – 0433692202

Smt. Neelima Karlapudi – 0403941725

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