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VTSeva – Volunteering Together For Service

    VT Seva organization was established in 2008 in US, with a mission to empower the youth with values of volunteerism, and to reach out the underprivileged people around the world. We provide a platform for enthusiastic volunteers, especially youth, to take leadership roles and execute service projects in their communities.

    VT Seva is all about Youth! We recognize that Happy Volunteers are the key to success for this Organization’s mission. VT Seva addresses the need to bring the youth and adults to one cause, one vision, one mission, and one organization by bridging the gap between youth and adult volunteers.

    VT Seva youth are taking leadership roles in team building, group projects, planning, organizing and executing events to support organization’s mission. Volunteering Together, as a team, as an organization, regardless of our age/skills/experience, we work passionately and enthusiastically towards VT’s vision, making a great difference in our Communities and our World.

    Our Sister organization, VT India ( Vikasa Tarangini ), was founded and established by our CEO in 1992 in South India, with the mission to reach the less fortunate, and to provide immediate relief during natural disasters.
    Today, with more than 75,000 volunteers, We tirelessly work in remote corners of India, building schools – for tribal children, fishermen children, blind children. The children in these schools are provided free education, boarding, food, clothing, books.
    Our volunteers are organizing medical camps, promoting prevention and care of cancers; and also conducting Dental and Veteranarian camps.
    We started the First Junior College for the visually Impaired in Andhra Pradesh. Currently has 71 Students. The students of the college, for the first time in India, gave examinations on computers without scribes. 95% successfully graduated this year.
    VT Seva’s Quick Response Team during natural disasters, renders public services on the field providing food, clothing, shelter, temporary housing, medicines.

    After the devastating tsumani in 2005, A colony (community) of 50 houses was built in the coastal areas of Pumpuhar in Tamilnadu to provide permanent residence to the tsunami victims.
    Several hundred houses were built for thousands of earthquake victims who were left without shelter during the most destructive earthquake in Surat, Gujarat in 2001. VTSeva also built 86 houses in a colony (neighborhood) for the earthquake victims in Vallabhapur, Gujarat, India.

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