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With the blessings of Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

For the benefit of every one and for the Community peace and welfare JET Australia is organising a mega chanting program, for 16 consecutive Sundays, ‘Sunday-Sunday Sundarakanda’, to gain divine blessings of Lord Hanuman.

Sundara Kanda is the 5th Kanda (section) of Sri Valmeeki Raamayanam and has around 2900 slokas (verses) spread over 68 chapters.  These verses explain about success of Hanuman in achieving his goal in finding mother Sita in the kingdom of Lanka.

 Vishnu Purana and Agastya Samhita lists out the immense benefits one can gain from SundaraKanda

  1. Gain Success in career
  2. Perseverance and courage to deal with difficult situations
  3. Strength and Education for children
  4. Reunion with the far away family members
  5. Victory on pending cases
  6. Healthy life
  7. Prosperity
  8. Removal of Obstacles
  9. Timely Marriage
  10. Beget with Children
  11. Removal of sins done due to ignorance
  12. Satisfactory life and many more….

How do we get Lord Hanuma’s blessings?

Chanting 2900 slokas will take about 6 – 8 hours if you are well verse with the slokas.  It may not be feasible for everyone to do this chanting for so long.
Blessed we are with our Acharya’s blessings our volunteers will be doing the chanting for your sake and on your behalf with complete dedication.
Register your  names and gotram for Sankalpam and reap the benefits of chanting.
Chanting will be every Sunday for 16 Sundays starting from 10th July – 23rd October.
You can register anytime. Once registered sankalpam will be done with your name and Gotra. 
Booking community hall for 16 weeks in a row is not possible.
We would conclude the last Sunday (23rd October) in a Community hall. All are welcome to join us in the divine moments.
We shall post the hall details closer to the date. (If you wish to sponsor the hall please send email to jetausperth@gmail.com).
Rest of the Sundays (July 10th till 16th October) will be at home.

May Lord Hanuman shower his grace and blessing s on all of us.


For Donations via Bank Transfer:

JET Australia Foundation Perth Chapter
BSB 062443
Account Number: 10860832
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
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